Golf Swing Tips Part 2

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The Best Golf Swing Tips for Beginners


Getting started with golf? The elegant sport has so many fans across the globe since once you get started, you will find it impossible to quit. The beauty of golf courses and the various golf gear options will keep you addicted. In the beginning, however, you may feel frustrated by your inability to perform as good, as you expect. Here are several golf swing tips that will help you get much better and enjoy the beauty of golf.


Learn How to Hold the Club
Knowing the proper way of holding the golf club is the first and the most important rule of mastering the swing. This is one of the most basic and the most important golf swing tips for beginners.


Stand up straight with your arms hanging on the sides of your body. Take a look at your hands and the natural curve that they have at rest. This is called the “neutral hand position.” Use this position to grip the golf club – look at your hands and the manner in which you notice the knuckle on your index finger and the knuckle of your middle finger.


Your lead hand should hold the golf club lightly, the thumb should be pointing downward. While holding the club, you should be capable of seeing the index and middle finger knuckles. Place your other hand below the lead hand. Do your best to maintain the neutral hand position once again.


Take It Slow
Observe how professional golfers behave on the course. Before striking the ball, they appear to be in a meditation-like state. Take it slow and easy. Concentrate. Relax. Don’t rush it. There is an important reason for that.


Keeping your golf swing in the tempo of your breaths can increase your precision tremendously. Take deep breath and try to maintain your breathing rate. Your own breathing can be the perfect tempo indicator that will allow you to maintain the pace of the game, as well.


Control Your Body
Keep your hands low. The height of the follow through is directly related to the height of the shot. You can accomplish the same result by choosing a stronger golf club. In such instances, however, you will face more execution difficulty than learning to keep your hands low while swinging.


Your body should be actively involved in the swing, as well. The power should come from your torso rather than from your arms. To get into the habit of using your body, put the club behind the ball at address. Do your best to drag the ball into the air without relying on the power of the backswing.


Perfecting the move will be difficult in the beginning, since you are used to relying on your arms to power the motion of the ball. Repeat the exercise until you learn how to use your body power. Mastering the technique will give you more power and consistency with every swing.


Basics of the Perfect Swing
Now that you know how to grip the golf club correctly and how to use your body, you are ready to learn the basics of the perfect swing.


The golf swing has two important parts and they are relatively simple to master, once you have learned the basics.


The backswing is the first part you should try to master. Your shoulders need to be pivoted towards the spine. Smoothly shift your weight to the front part of your back foot. Hinge the lead arm up and try to create an L-shape while performing the backswing.


The downswing is the second important component. As your arm is in the L-shape, release and shift your weight to the front foot. The motion needs to be smooth and balanced. In the beginning, it may sound confusing but once you get used to the motions, they will become second nature.


The perfect golf swing takes time to learn. Have fun, work on your posture and the fluidity of your motion. Repeat the basic exercises time and time again until you internalize all of the important steps.


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