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Most, if not all, professional golfers want to replicate Sam Smead’s perfect swing that the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Phil Mickelson praised for its fluidity, accuracy and beauty. But not everybody can swing in a manner similar to Smead and not everybody can achieve consistent swings at all times. Thus, the golf swing trainer was born, so to speak.

How It Works

Golf shops and websites sell a wide variety of golf swing trainers but all of these perform the same job and, thus, provide for similar benefits for their users.

Every swing trainer is designed to assist the golfer to swing the club on the correct swing plane on a consistent basis regardless of the external factors present (i.e., the physical condition of the golfer at the time of the swing practice). By swinging the club on a customized swing path, the golfer can then train his muscles in achieving the perfect swing even without the swing trainer in place.

As Sam Snead once famously said, practice puts brains into the muscles – and the golf swing trainer is one of the best practice tools for putting brains into the muscles used in achieving his perfect swing. Basically, the golfer adjusts the settings on the swing trainer according to his height, said adjustments of which are designed so that he can achieve the best angle for the plane of the swing. He will then swing the club along the swing trainer’s metal tube over and over again until his entire body from his head to his toes are in perfect position for the perfect swing ala Sam Snead.

How It Benefits Beginners

The importance of making consistent swings over the correct swing plan cannot be overemphasized. The swing can make or break the golfer’s game so much so that professional golfers will spend hours upon hours practicing their swings under all possible conditions.

The golf swing trainer provides for several benefits in this regard, as follows:

• The golfer’s muscles are strengthened and stretched along the width of the swing’s arc, thus, making it easier for him to turn without hitting the ball any further than it should be hit.

• The golfer can achieve good balance throughout his swing, thus, allowing for both fluid movement of the body and solid hit on the ball. Observe professional golfers with the most accurate yet most graceful swing – their legs, arms and torso are moving in harmony while their feet maintain good balance throughout the swing.

Good balance in itself has several benefits. For one thing, a balanced swing provides for better control of the club, thus, ensuring greater accuracy for the shot. For another thing, a balance swing is essential for generating the appropriate clubhead speed, thus, maximizing the power of each shot. Keep in mind that the best golfers strive and achieve accuracy and distance for longer shots as well as pinpoint control for approach shots, both of which comes from a good balance on each swing.

• The golfer can achieve consistent swings regardless of the external conditions on the course with regular use of the swing trainer. Keep in mind that improvement in body position coupled with improvements in swing mechanics will create consistent golf swings that, in turn, will increase scores. The swing trainer is the best tool for achieving said improvements.

Indeed, the golf swing trainer is one of the best investments for beginners in golf. Even professionals have been known to use it to improve their swings and, hopefully, to rival the feat of Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, to name a few golfing greats.

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