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When you are looking to improve your golf swing and your overall score, it will be a good idea to review golf swing videos. Thanks to a boom in the instructional video industry, there is a great selection of videos available to you.

When you review these instructional videos, you will notice that each selection will have their own unique approach to handling the golf swing.

Some videos will review your posture and then the follow through, while others are going to provide you with an in depth look at the mechanics of the swing itself. Because of this, you may want to watch a full array of videos to ensure you grasp the subject.

Another thing to keep in mind as you are watching these videos is to understand that professional golfers and trainers will usually offer the better videos. In fact, many golf instructors will have a general golf swing video available for those who cannot afford personalized lessons to help a person improve their game. Often, there will be other videos that will also fall in this series and after watching and reviewing them all, you can gain a better understanding of the practice techniques that are available and how they can be used to improve your stance and follow through when golfing.

It will be a good idea while reviewing these videos, that you take note of some of the most important elements caught on film. They will include:

  • Mechanics of the swing
  • Posture of the instructor
  • Face of view
  • Different swing types that can be used
  • Sequence of events from the start of the shoot to the      moment the ball is hit
  • Down the line view
  • Face on view
  • Up the line view

As you break down each of these items and gain an understanding of them from the golf swing video, you can incorporate the techniques into your own practice. Just make sure you take notes and review the videos several times to absorb the information that is being presented to you. If you learn better by reading, make sure you review any written tips and tricks that are attached to the videos you are watching. Often a combination of reading and watching videos can help you to significantly improve your game.

Above all, understand that while watching the golf swing videos, it will be important to also ensure you continue to practice and learn on the course. Over time, you will see a significant improvement in your game, since no professional has simply picked up a club and become a world famous golfer, you need to be willing to invest the time it takes to practice what you learn, to ensure that you start to see a reduction in your score.


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    A big thumbs up to this website. Very good articles like this Golf Swing Video.

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    I like The Simple Golf Swing. Sometimes ehe most important things to master are the little things… then everything else falls into place. I liked the step by step instruction of the Simple Golf Swing

  3. Susan says:

    The different views caught on film are the most important to me. Real interesting to see… cause we only get one angle while playing.

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    The different golf links on here are what’s drawing me back to the site every time. Useful info. Thanks for sharing!

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