Jack Moorehouse

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Do you want to play golf like the professionals do? You should take all the helpful and necessary investments. The e-book ‘How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros’ is a comprehensive guide that could jumpstart your endeavor. Interestingly, this material is not as expensive as you may think. For just about $37, you could get hold of all the helpful secrets, techniques, and strategies that could lead you to a good golfing career.

The guide is most recommended to golf players who encounter frustration with their game. Are you weary of slicing, hooking, and failing to hit the bar straight or far enough? It is high time you start learning effective techniques and tips. The book can be your perfect manual. You may expect the best from this reference.

The author

  • For a start, the book was written by a non-professional golf enthusiast, Jack Moorehouse. However, there is no point in understating his knowledge and expertise in teaching fellow golfers and beginners. You may be surprised about how much he knows about his craft.
  • What is most outstanding about Mr. Moorehouse is the way he conveyed his knowledge in a way that would be most appreciated and understood by his readers. He targets beginners and those who aim to do better in this sport. You may agree that most of the time, high profile experts are not good in expressing their knowledge in an effective manner. That is where he takes his advantage.
  • The author knows exactly how to appeal and communicate with his target readers. He is the best person to talk to beginners, who are still in the beginning phase in terms of learning the game. Most readers of the guide agree that they are not intimidated with his comfortable and casual approach to teaching readers.

The fundamentals

  1. Getting back to the fundamentals of playing golf is the main idea of this guide. It is obvious that there is an aim to help readers to unlearn and eliminate bad habits that they may have developed along the way. The first chapter of the book is all about balance, which sets a good start as it is often overlooked on typical and formal golf lessons.
  2. Then, the guide teaches proper grip. You may admit it or not, but you have surely become more lax when it comes to taking a grip. The author succeeds in emphasizing the importance of proper grip through effective application of pressure when holding the golf club. Expect some clever drills that could facilitate better practice.
  3. The guide also covers other important topics, like getting into the rhythm and setting up swings. It will teach you techniques when hitting the ball. You think the subject is so elementary when it comes to golf? In reality, it is not. The book even comes with explicit and clear diagrams to make sure all its readers could easily and correctly follow suit.

Main features

Of course, the main features of the book would certainly make it worth the investment. You can expect to find the following specific topics in this helpful guide:

  • Four effective techniques to get into 70’s in an      instant
  • Ways to develop strong short game
  • How to master the chip shot
  • The secrets of the pros
  • Reading greens correctly
  • Ideal practice techniques
  • Essentials of breaking 80

Moreover, when you purchase a set of the guide, you may expect to acquire special bonus offers and additional materials for free. Those include: newsletters, article series: ‘Secret Low Handicapper,’ a golf performance tracking program, and other additional e-books (’25 Lessons to Improve Your Game Immediately’ and ‘Fit to Tee’ by author Mike Pedersen.


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2 Responses to “Jack Moorehouse”

  1. Ursula says:

    I like the information from Jack AND the stuff from David Nevogt combined. I feel like I have all the knowledge I need to making a few good first moves on the green.

  2. Natalie says:

    For a book like this, I want to know what all it can do for me BEFORE I lay down $37. Sounds helpful, though. Any more testimonials out there?

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