Golf Swing Speed

A good golf swing is important for both accuracy and for speed. Enough force behind the swing allows the9871237_s ball to travel the distance that it needs to. There are plenty of ways to improve golf swing speed though so don’t get discouraged if it isn’t where you want it to be right now.

You may have some bad habits in terms of your form that need to be corrected. Ask someone to give you feedback as they watch you. Another option is to take a video of your movements so you can see where you need to improve. The right positioning and form will help you to increase speed.

Pay close attention to your arms and your shoulders before you swing. If you have lots of tension, which can occur due to worry about the shot, it will hinder the speed and distance. Mentally prepare and allow these parts of the body to relax so that you can loosen up and get more speed. Make sure you snap your wrist at impact and it will also give you more speed behind the hit.

Pay attention to the grip on the club too. A common mistake is gripping it too much and then you reduce the release and follow through with it. When you let the release improve, it will significantly enhance the golf swing speed. It may seem unnatural at first due to how long you have been doing it wrong but the more you practice the faster it will become part of your natural movements.

Focus on what you are doing and that will help you to relax the mind. Focus on visualizing the steps involved with successfully getting the golf ball where you want it to land. Don’t be in a rush with your shot, take the time to follow through. Don’t be intimidated by those around you. While you can learn plenty from better golfers, they can also make you feel inadequate so balance who you play the game with.

Daily exercise can also help you improve your golf swing speed. Take time to implement exercises that work the core of the body and that enhance flexibility. They include yoga and working with light hand weights while striving to increase the number of repetitions.

Practice your golf swing as often as you can and you will see improvements in the distance. You don’t actually have to play the game to practice, just spend some time at home or at a range practicing your swing techniques. As you start to see improvements, you will be motivated to continue working on it and you will enjoy playing golf more than ever!


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