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 Golf Swing Tips
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Is it possible for you to drop seven strokes in just 2 weeks? It can be easy for professional and seasoned golfers, but for beginners and not-so-advanced players it can be a difficult challenge. Fortunately, there are available resources that could serve as a guide in attaining that goal. It is time to consider buying the guide ‘The Simple Golf Swing’ by David Nevogt.

In essence, a good golf swing could define everything when playing golf. It is inevitable to acquire and develop bad habits and mistakes along the way. Those could serve as obstacles and hindrances that can make you lose in your games and prevent you from racking up really impressive and satisfying scores.

Needless to say, proper swinging is a key to ideal scores and overall play. It can certainly help you gain the confidence you need as well as stability so you could take all shots of every type. This is the focus of this book, which is considered revolutionary by those who have already reaped the benefits of learning from it.

The author

  • David Nevogt does not claim anything when it comes to golf. But it can be safely assumed that he is a professional instructor. He talks like a pro. That is why he enjoys the command and authority of being a real golf pro. No one can be in a better position to teach golf swinging than him. He may not be high profile now, but he knows and he has mastered his craft.
  • Mr. Nevogt is not alone in this endeavor. He has put up his own team of experts, collectively known as, which is also a Website. You can be sure that what he may have been overlooking, his team would surely not miss. It is also reassuring to know that you are learning not just from one pro but also from a team of other pros, who have their own respective strengths and advantages.
  • The author’s approach in this guide is more authoritative. Throughout the book, Mr. Nevogt has become brutally honest when dealing with golfers. His message is loud and clear: You may try harder and may practice more often, but you may still not be able to swing that golf club the way the top tour professionals do. The redeeming factor is that he offers solutions to make it happen.

What the book teaches

  1. Compared to many other golf guides, ‘The Simple Golf Swing’ is more focused. It concentrates on swinging the club right. At first, the book aims to assist golf players in identifying and correcting bad habits, which include: hitting the ball to the right or left; hitting on top or behind the ball; having inconsistent shots; and having handicap due to insufficient drive.
  2. Basically, the book teaches the perfect way to swing the golf club. It serves as a guide in mastering the intricacies. It may take you a lifetime and dedicated studies to practice and train to achieve that goal. But, as the professionals put it, you would find it easier if you know how.
  3. It is important to unlearn and eliminate all unnecessary movements when swinging the golf club. It may be odd at first, but it can definitely make perfect sense. What does it take to hit it good? You may be surprised because there can be more to just learning how to slam that ball. It is important to clear your mind and to concentrate on what you are doing. Will it be a hard task? This guide can tell you more

Improving Your Golf Swing How To Get Started?

The easiest and fastest way to improve your golf swing (and golf score) is to follow a simple step by step guide. Here at we reviewed several programs that have been designed specifically for people how want to learn more about improving their golf swing.

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