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If you’ve recently discovered the book, Simple Golf Swing, then you’ve seen the name David Nevogt. He is an expert in the gold community that has established a golf system of his own. In it, there are five stages that golfers work through to help improve their scores and to enhance their experience when they are out on the green.

What is interesting is that the system David Nevogt has created comes from his friendship with legendary golf trainer Bobby Eldridge. This is done by finding their own swing and learning how to improve based on how they golf, rather than trying to mimic the approach that others take.

This is then presented with ease, thanks to the simplicity of the text David has created. In it, very simple directions are presented in a manner than anyone could pick up the book and learn how to improve their golf swing with ease. 

In fact, the focus most only the basics of the game itself helps to create one of the most useful resources available. Instead of trying to give you information on complex tricks and things you can do that will help the more advanced user, this text focuses on the basics. This includes focusing on the spine and the axis to create a controlled swing that ends up being perfect every time. 

Everything in the book is hand tested by Mr. Nevogt himself. Where many niche writers spend their time writing on topics they know little about, David has extensive amounts of time logged on the golf course. This helps to improve the quality of his advice.

What is perhaps most interesting is that David Nevogt’s system has been accessed by over 220,000 golfers. Through this text, David has ended up with a number of satisfied customers have been able to easily improve their accuracy in the game and extended the range of their hits.

Based on his expertise, David is also able to provide advice for both left and right handed golfers. That is because he has created a manual that is individualized for both types of players. Having this available ensures that no matter what hand is dominate, readers will be able to get the advice, tips and tricks that will help to improve their game on the golf course.

As a prof golf trainer, David Nevogt is going to be an individual that can help anyone to improve their golf game. Be sure to pick up, Simple Golf Swing and read through it a couple of times. Then take the information it contains onto the golf course and see how it can improve your game.

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  1. Wylie W says:

    David is a true legend in the golf world. I wish people would write more articles about him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bailey says:

    As a left-handed golfer, I appreciate the tips to MY specification. It’s more than just hitting the ball from another side… trust me!

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