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Golf Instruction Basics – A Guide to Choosing a Golf Instructor

If you are looking to improve your golf game, there are a number of things you can do.

Top of the list has to be practicing more and playing more rounds of golf, because the fact is that practice really does make perfect when it comes to golf. But there is nevertheless no point in practicing the wrong techniques! This is where getting a golf instructor can help.

He can help you to work on the flaws in your game, encourage you when you are feeling disheartened, and teach you the right ways to both go about practicing and help you to learn new skills.

Even the best golfers in the world get golf instruction on a regular basis and so it something that you should embrace. After all, if Tiger Woods feels that there is still merit in having a golf instructor look on his game, then how much benefit do you think that you could get from it?

There are a number of things that you should bear in mind though before you finally take the plunge and get a coach:

1/ Experience and skill at teaching

Before you proceed with anyone, you first need to know whether they have anything to teach you! You wouldn’t want to take golf lessons from your granny, no matter how well you got on, or how warm a personality she has. The same is true with golf. At the end of the day there needs to be a core of skill that the instructor possesses that they can teach you that will help you to improve.

You should look to see if they are accredited as a golf instructor and what level of experience they really have.

– Did they for example ever play golf as a professional?
– Have they had many clients?
– Is it possible for you to talk to one of their current or past students to talk about how they found their coaching?

These are all good questions to ask of any golf coach before you consider hiring them and embarking on a period of golf instruction.

The issue about speaking to a past or present student is particularly important. They may sound fantastic on paper, but the fact is that if they aren’t able to communicate their knowledge to their students then they aren’t going to be of much use.

2/ Do you like them and feel comfortable working with them?

On the flip side of experience is the fact that no matter how experienced someone may be, if you don’t like them, why would you want to spend extended periods of time in their company?

The answer is that you wouldn’t, and so it is important that you make sure that you get on with them before you take things too far.

In practice, this is quite hard to evaluate with a quick chat on the telephone. So what you will want to do if they seem to have all the experience that you would want, and seem reasonable over the telephone is to have a test lesson.

Evaluate them on how much you learned of course. But also evaluate them on how well you liked working with them.

Could you work with them every week for the next year?

3/ How much?!

Last, you need to assess them on the amount that they charge for coaching.

It would be nice to hire Tiger Woods golf coach! But unless you are rich like Tiger, you need to keep a more modest budget in mind!


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    I have been considering golf instruction. Good pointers in this article.

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