The Simple Golf Swing

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It is not surprising that the book ‘The Simple Golf Swing’ is among the most popular and most helpful golf guides that are available in the market these days. David Nevogt, its author, has really done well in writing this reference, which is for everyone who plays golf, whether beginners or professionals. The e-course guarantees to make readers become better golf players. The money-back guarantee assures that.

Does it really work? There is no doubt that it does. Online there are numerous testimonials from golf players who attest to the helpfulness of the e-program. The goal is to help golfers tailor their daily practice regimen through pinpointing problems when swinging. You may customize your plans of action to correct those errors and to focus on the issues.

What can you expect from this book?

  1. For a start, it could help readers increase accuracy of their shots and level of consistency when playing golf.
  2. You may expect to learn ways to increase your distance when hitting or slamming that ball.
  3. Learn the correct and ideal hand actions to make it happen. Plus, get to know the perfect timing to attain a straight ball flight and intended direction.

How it works

  • This 31-page e-guide concentrates on the basics and fundamentals of improving your ball flight through swing mechanics.
  • The author does well in identifying the unique points when swinging so that consistency is obtained. With the right amount of practice, you can surely gain power and momentum through powerful swings.
  • There is a step-by-step or procedural guide in making a full swing.
  • There is even information about a short game and a mental guide on how to do better during the entire process.
  • There is even a personal and interactive coaching program to make it happen easily and quickly. This is made possible through the video clips and detailed pictures that further boost the helpfulness of the guide.
  • And yes, the material even comes with assignments and worksheets to help you measure your progress. You would be given access to a special Website, where there is a private forum exclusive for members.
  • Expect to learn more from it. You may chat with the pros and with fellow learners to make the learning process more of a breeze. This is a unique and ideal feature that may not be found in other available golf guides today.

Strengths and setbacks

  1. Of course, the book comes with ups and downs. For its strength, it can be considered an effective and jam-packed material with lots of useful tips and information about how to swing the golf club better.
  2. As expected, there are bonuses offered. You can easily assert that the purchase price is worth it. The book focuses on consistency, techniques, and mental elements to make successful and perfect golf swings possible.
  3. The book is authored by a pro but the words used are not intimidating.
  4. Throughout the content, you can hardly find any jargons and hard-core theories. You can just enjoy actual tips and procedures on how to improve your current swing.
  5. Even beginners can find the content easy to comprehend, while the pros may not be embarrassed to read the material.
  6. Setbacks would be considered minor. For the setback, you should not expect this guide to teach you how to hold the golf club correctly. It is assumed that you already know how to do it and that you just aim to improve your swing.

All in all The Simple Golf Swing is the top rated golfing improvement system in the world.

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  1. Langdon says:

    I like that this is an an e-book format. Who uses print editions these days? Works great on my iPad.

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